Lowe's Style Studio

Create your dream kitchen

Lowe’s Style Studio is the easiest and most immersive way to envision your dream kitchen.

Designed exclusively for Apple Vision Pro, Lowe’s Style Studio is an end-to-end visualization experience that makes it easy to bring your unique style to life in minutes.

Transform your physical surroundings into an immersive kitchen showroom with near-infinite possibilities. Quickly audition new colors, finishes, and products with simple gaze-and-tap gestures. Create professional-looking style boards – and send them to a friend, family member, or designer via text or email.

Key Features:

Mixed Reality Style Portal:
Modern, Traditional, Transitional, or Eclectic: Don’t just look at a new style – experience it. Our multi-sided portal lets you peek into richly detailed 3D scenes, as if you’re looking through a magic window into another world. Rotate the portal for a glimpse into one of our professionally curated style collections.

Immersive 3D Kitchen Scenes:
Dive into a series of awe-inspiring 3D kitchen spaces where you take the reins as designer. Start with a curated style from one of our collections and modify it to your heart’s delight, using intuitive gaze-and-tap gestures. The possibilities are limitless, and the creative power is in your hands.

My Style Boards:
Transform your unique kitchen visions into beautiful style boards. Review your favorite finishes, products, and styles in an easy-to-browse window.

Seamless Off-Device Sharing:
Export your style boards and share them with family, friends, and professionals – directly from your Apple Vision Pro to their mobile devices. Lowe’s Style Studio ensures your creative endeavors are able to be seen and appreciated.

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