Rediscover your albums

Longplay gives you a beautiful view of the albums in your music collection, where you have added the majority of tracks to your library. Experience your album or CD collection like never before with Apple Vision Pro! Rediscover forgotten favorites and enjoy albums the way artists intended: as complete records, not just individual songs.

- A beautiful, fluid, approachable, and unique user interface
- An immersive experience where your albums are presented in a large curved wall
- A playful shuffle button that quickly flips through albums, allows you to backtrack, and provides a unique and fun shuffling experience
- Smart sort options, such as: Orderliness, addiction, brightness, negligence, recency, memory, and stars
- Interactive widgets: such as a mini album wall for your home screen, and a Now Playing widget that works great in StandBy
- Organize albums into collections
- Queue up albums
- Infinite Album Shuffle, by collection or sort options, which provides endless playback, one album after another
- Rich Shortcuts support, with over 20 actions
- Syncs using iCloud
- Track your listens using Last.fm or ListenBrainz

This app is perfect for those who can already hear the beginning of the next song in their head as the current track finishes.

Bring your album collection back to life and make your listening experience enjoyable and relaxing.

It requires Apple Music on Apple Vision Pro.

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