Lifelight - AI Journal/Note

AI Companion with Mood Tracker

Lifelight is an intelligent companion revolutionizing your amazing life journey.

A notebook that listens: Simply jot down what happens in your life, and you have a notebook that listens, occasionally sharing joy or sorrow with you through a reply or a call.

Immerse yourself in memories: When you tap a live photo or video, you're immediately brought back to that space and time. Look around and relive the memories.

Ask anything about your journal: What was the best meal you had? How have you felt over the past couple of days? Your AI is ready to answer any questions you have about your entries.

Always by your side: Record on the Watch or iPhone on the go, or on a Mac or iPad when near a desk. Or immerse yourself with Vision Pro. Always synced and conveniently available.

The visionOS version of Lifelight can:
- Click on videos and live images to automatically enter an immersive space, taking you back to the memory.
- Add records via voice, or select multiple images and videos, and Lifelight AI will automatically write a diary and log for you.
- Chat with Lifelight AI to inquire about anything in your historical memories.
- Powerful search, Lifelight AI automatically categorizes your records and learns from your modifications.
- Automatic emotional recording, daily automatic logging of mood.
- Real-time weather fills the entire space, allowing you to physically be there, record or reminisce while experiencing the sky or rain and snow at that time.

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