Lettore Music

Lettore Music is a compact music player for Apple Music that allows you to place it above or below any window on Apple Vision Pro allowing quick access to your music.

* Compact music player with the ability to play, pause and move through songs in the current queue
* Shazam is always available to quickly identify a song in the background and view song information
* Quickly
* Access your personal mix of music based on listening history
* Discover music that you may not have heard based on your listening history
* Made for You mixes to discover new music, songs you can’t get enough of and music to help you relax
* Easy access to Apple Music to
* View Listen Now suggestions
* Browse Top Playlists, New Music and Playlists to fit your mood
* View Radio shows and Stations
* Access your entire Library of Playlists, Albums and Songs
* View your Replay stats from the current and previous years
* Search all of Apple Music

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