La Terminal - SSH Client

SFTP, Files and Server Monitor

Welcome to La Terminal - your ssh command center, reimagined for Vision Pro.

We have rebuilt La Terminal from the ground up to provide a first-class spatial computing experience for command-line hackers on visionOS.

Resource monitors pop, and live-effect backgrounds give your terminal experience the immersive cyberpunk edge you've always dreamed about. Amaze your friends with your impressive Midnight Commander skills - now in 3D!

Built on Open Source:
From the original developer of Midnight Commander, the open source visual file manager for Linux, La Terminal provides a comprehensive Xterm/DEC VT terminal emulator experience based on the popular open source SwiftTerm library with powerful client amenities for serious command-line aficionados.

Command Search:
Use Command Search to quickly find the command you are looking for. Search your own command history and our comprehensive workflow gallery to find and execute commands. Create and edit your own workflows for a variety of tasks, including running frequently used commands, automating a series of commands, or just tracking down a complex command that might be difficult to recall.

AI-powered assistant:
Get help writing Linux, Mac, or Windows terminal commands using plain English, such as โ€œextract the name property inside the article element from a json fileโ€ or โ€œlist the most CPU consuming Kubernetes podsโ€.

Eye candy:
La Terminal sports a fully themeable experience accented with beautifully captivating live-effect backgrounds powered by Metal Performance Shaders.

Secure Enclave:
Your private keys are stored in the secure enclave so your private key can never be found in plain text.

Powerful status visualizations:
La Terminalโ€™s resource monitoring tools put powerful CPU and memory use visualizations, as well as a native process explorer, right at your fingertips. Resource monitoring visualizations are accessible from the top of any connected terminal, and process explorer tools provide multiple views into CPU, memory, and disk utilization. Thumbnail snapshots show previews of connected hosts along with system load over time in the active Terminals view. Network monitoring plots data traffic on a world map to help you understand the sources and targets of connections to and from your connected hosts.

iCloud for everyone:
La Terminal makes it easy to switch between your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro by syncing your settings and keys over iCloud - like magic!

Host platform aware:
Whether youโ€™re managing a dozen Linux VMs on AWS or Azure, logging into zsh on your Mac desktop, or configuring your latest IoT Raspberry Pi project via bash, provides the most productive experience possible on a mobile device. La Terminal is even Windows-aware to ensure PowerShell power users can enjoy a delightful ssh experience, too.

International support:
La Terminal delivers extensive support for international terminals, including rendering internationalized output as well as support for internationalized input methods from native iOS dictation and international keyboards.

La Terminal Pro features
- Complete SFTP File Manager
- Upload, download and navigate remote filesystems with our native SFTP client.
- Files can be uploaded or downloaded to the Local device to be accessed through the native iOS Files App, or can be copied between remote hosts.
- Use keys configured locally in La Terminal to seamlessly authorize connections when you SSH from one remote host to another.
- All Live Backgrounds
- Choose from our complete library of GPU-accelerated Live Backgrounds to fully customize your command-line experience.

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