Knot Explorer

Topological Knots Visualizer

Explore the wonderful world of knots! Knot Explorer is a fun and engaging app for visualising and manipulating topological knots.

A topological knot is a closed loop in space that is entangled or knoted, and cannot be unentangled without cutting.

Knot Explorer includes all knots up to 8 crossings, with hand-crafted projections and elegant 3D-embeddings. These knots can be viewed in 3d, rotated in space, and they can be manipulated and deformed.

Knot Explorer can also make all (P,Q)-torus knots. A (P,Q)-torus knot is a knot that can be drawn on the surface of a torus. It winds p-times in one direction around the torus, and q times in the other.

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