Kitsune for MyAnimeList

Effortless Anime Tracking

Discover the ultimate companion for your anime and manga journey with Kitsune for MyAnimeList.
Simplify the way you keep track of your favorite series, effortlessly tracking your progress episode by episode and chapter by chapter.

Key Features:

• Intuitive Swipe Gestures: With just a swipe, mark episodes and chapters as watched or read, making it a breeze to stay up-to-date with your anime and manga adventures.
• Minimalist & Elegant Design: Kitsune for MyAnimeList offers a sleek and refined user interface, ensuring an enjoyable and clutter-free experience as you manage your anime and manga lists.

Premium Features:
• Preferred title language.
• App Themes.
• Your Schedule: Easily check your weekly releases in an organized timeline.
• Notifications: get a notification when a new episode is released or when a new series from 'Plan to Watch' is released.
• Customize app behavior: change between preferring manga chapters or volumes, use your local time on 'Your Schedule', and more.

Kitsune for MyAnimeList takes a minimalistic approach, focusing on what truly matters: helping you stay organized and up-to-date with your favorite anime and manga

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