JigSpace: 3D Presentations

Training, Sales, Marketing

JigSpace is your on-ramp to spatial computing. Our spatial presentations — we call them Jigs — combine 3D content, audio, video, and text in an interactive, step-by-step experience that supercharges the communication of complex ideas, products, or processes.

* Immerse yourself in detail: Lean in and discover intricacies of your products like never before, engaging with content that is meticulously crafted for clarity and immersive communication.

* Stunning realism: Experience presentations that feel real, thanks to the power of Apple Vision Pro, supporting 4K textures and high-fidelity CAD files for unparalleled realism.

* Intuitive interaction: Manipulate Jigs intuitively with your hands; pull apart components, annotate, and explore in a natural, hands-on manner that enhances understanding and interaction.

* (Coming Soon) Effortless collaboration: Bring all the right people into the room with SharePlay, and communicate what’s important to your business in a fraction of the time.

With JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro, make the hard to explain, hard to forget.

Explore an incredible, curated selection of Jigs or start creating your own.

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