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If I Recall Correctly Memorize

Ever found yourself in a chat with friends discussing a topic you vaguely remember? Introducing iirc, short for "If I Recall Correctly." Harness the power of AI to boost your memory retention through a simple, step-by-step process.

Here's how it works:
* Share & Open: Simply share the website from your browser and tap to open iirc, kicking off your recall journey.

* 50% Recall Boost: Read a quick summary and challenge yourself with a brief quiz. Self-testing is key to enhancing your memory.

* 75% Mastery: Play it back and follow along. Everyone absorbs information differentlyβ€”listening in addition to reading can make a significant difference.

* 90% Mnemonics Magic: Dive into mnemonics, a memory aid technique that leverages word association and visualization to reinforce your memory.

* 95% Personal Touch: Create and receive ratings on your own summary. It's not just about remembering; it's about understanding and retaining.

Key Features:

IIRC intelligently condenses lengthy information into concise and digestible summaries. Say goodbye to information overload and hello to a streamlined learning experience. Get the gist without losing the substance.

Self Test via Quiz:
Reinforce your understanding through interactive self-tests. IIRC generates customized quizzes based on the content you've learned, providing instant feedback and highlighting areas that may need further review. Learn actively and measure your progress effortlessly.

Play Back Information with Audio:
Immerse yourself in the learning process with IIRC's audio playback feature. Listen to key information on the go, turning idle moments into productive learning opportunities. Enhance your auditory memory and reinforce what you've learned through the power of sound.

Unleash the potential of mnemonics to boost your memory. IIRC incorporates mnemonic devices to help you create memorable associations, making it easier to recall complex information. Transform learning into a creative and engaging experience.

User-Generated Summaries and Ratings:
Empower the learning community by allowing users to contribute their own summaries. Share your insights and receive ratings, fostering collaboration and creating a diverse repository of high-quality user-generated content.

Personalized Learning Paths:
IIRC adapts to your unique learning style, offering personalized pathways that combine summarization, quizzes, audio playback, and mnemonics. Tailored to your preferences, the app ensures a customized learning experience that resonates with you.

Language support:
IIRC works in 85 languages, while the app UI (User Interface) is in English only, you can add content or share links in almost any language.

Terms of use (EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

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