HomeBatteries for HomeKit

Battery Widget & Notifications

HomeBatteries enables you to see all of your HomeKit device batteries in one place.

* As featured on HomeKit Insider *

If you have ever been in the situation where your battery powered HomeKit device has stopped working, then HomeBatteries can help prevent it from happening again! You can view all of your HomeKit device battery levels in one place without having to go through each accessory individually from the Home app.

HomeBatteries contains these great features:


View each accessory's battery level as a percentage with a color-coded glyph that indicates how much battery is remaining.


Get notified when your accessories are running out of battery with support for notifications. Notifications are fully customisable from the Settings screen.


Get accessory battery levels, battery types and see which accessories are running low on charge with Siri Shortcuts.


Set the battery type for each accessory from a preset list of options or, choose your own.


Get this app across multiple Apple platforms with a single purchase.

If you like this app, Iā€™d really appreciate it if you could take the time to leave a positive review! Having issues? Please get in touch:

Email: support@adamfoot.dev
Website: https://adamfoot.dev

Please note that devices should have already been setup in the Apple Home app to use this app. Not all battery powered devices expose their battery level to HomeKit and will therefore not appear in HomeBatteries or the Home app. Notifications & widgets may not be up-to-date 100% of the time due to limitations with accessing HomeKit in the background but there is a Shortcuts Automation that can be enabled to improve this.

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