Spanish Grammar Lessons + Quiz

Learn Spanish for real with Gramático. The app has hundreds of exercises as well as summaries, tables and lists for the key topics of the Spanish grammar. You don’t need to take leveling tests, just pick any topic and start learning it. You can solve dozens of exercises in a row to memorize concepts and grammar rules in a short time. When you finish an exercises session, you can check your score and a detailed correction of your answers.

The following topics are covered:
• Artículos
• Pronombres Personales
• Verbos Ser, Estar y Tener
• Muy / Mucho
• Presente de Indicativo
• Acentuación
• Pronombres de Complemento Directo
• Gerundio
• Participio
• Futuro
• Pretérito Indefinido
• Pretérito perfecto compuesto
• Imperativo

…and many more coming on the next updates!

This app does not require an internet connection to work.

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