Gathered - Collect Inspiration

Digital creativity scrapbook

Collect and organize images that inspire you with Gathered.

Gathered is an app built to help you curate a personal library of pictures and images that serve as reference for your creative projects.

There are many ways to grow your digital collection - import from your photos, choose from the Files app or copy it from the clipboard. You can also use the Gathered share extension to add items from other apps.

Gathered can store your library in iCloud Drive and have it synced automatically across all of your devices.

The app offers a variety of useful features like:
• Defining and managing custom collections of items
• Color Palette extraction from images
• Add, move or reorder items with Drag & Drop
• Edit metadata and have notes for each image

Try out Gathered by creating a library of up to 50 images and 5 collections. To remove this limit, you need to purchase a Gathered Pro.

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

I hope you enjoy using Gathered and it helps you on your creative journey.

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