Game Room

Play Classic Games Together

Gather your friends around the kitchen table, play solo, or go online to match up with players from around the world and choose from any of these beloved family classics:
- Chess: the strategy board game of pawns and kings (play with others in real-time or with turn based correspondence on your own schedule)
- Solitaire: organize cards into ordered piles
- Hearts: a trick-taking card game of collecting suits and shooting the moon
- Yacht: roll the dice and rack up the points in this six-sided twist on poker
- Sea Battle: sink enemy ships before they sink yours

Spatial computing merges fantasy and real life to bring these familiar tabletop classics back into your home with no cards or pieces required. Relive the fun of getting together with friends and welcome the joy of classic family tabletop games back into your life.

Game Room supports 1-4 players through online play across Apple devices. Choose a classic single player card game in Solitaire, or choose between real players or AI competition in Game Room’s selection of multiplayer card and tabletop games.

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