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With our investment tracker, investors can track all available investing instruments across many different brokerage accounts. With ease, assets can be added to multiple different wallets then our tracker will calculate detailed statistics for all included assets like: historical price, dividends history, upcoming events, assets allocation across categories, related news and much more.

In our portfolio tracker, transactions in the wallet are categorized by our custom category system. Investor can create any number of categories which will provide the level of granularity that investor want to see. Our portfolio tracker have a very flexible wallets and categories systems - investor can easily adjust them for any particular needs.

Investors can take their highly customized wallets and combine them in any possible combination that will provide the most valuable data. Investors can combine wallets by the type of assets inside, by currency used to buy them or by any other specific use case. Each combination investor creates will show detailed historical statistics for that particular portfolio.

Are you a professional investor? You are managing portfolio for a third-party?

No problem, combine wallets which contains someone else's assets so you will be able to easily share the portfolio statistics with them. You can easily show them whatever happened to their assets - value changes over time, provide performance metrics, last received dividends and much more.

No need for creating time consuming spreadsheets and managing them by hand. With our investment tracker, you can have all investments in one place and receive constant stream of relevant statistics whenever you need them.

Our powerful tracking tools and insights make it easy for both novice and experienced investors to make informed decisions.

In our investment tracker, investors can create customized watchlists to track your favorite stocks and access detailed historical charts to analyze performance over time. Easily check the upcoming events or latest news articles for any asset.

Our investment tracker will provide you the most data possible for any asset you would like to see. We are committed to grow list of data providers we will use so you will get ever growing amount of valuable data.

Our portfolio tracker supports over 40000 stocks across multiple exchanges. Whole U.S. market, XETRA, EURONEX, TSX, SEDAR, SEHK and more.

Our portfolio tracker offers seamless synchronization across devices. Investors can use any Apple device that they would like or the moment allows. Use your iCloud account and all your data will be already there.

At Finance Bay, we take your privacy seriously. We do not share or sell any of your data to third parties. You can use our portfolio tracker with confidence, knowing that your personal information and investment data is completely private.

Take your investment research and portfolio tracking to the next level with Finance Bay. Download our portfolio tracker today and start investing with confidence!

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