Immerse yourself.

Brought to you by the DevItUp team, env (short for environment!) is a simple application concept that gives you the ability to escape your current environment and replace it with a new one surrounding you. Sometimes, all we want is to see things we've never seen before, env's only focus and purpose is to give you a break from your every day and be transported to far off places. Our current plan is to integrate more environments with each update, giving you more and more places to explore, each environment comes with a full 360 degree view, accompanied by sound to help you really feel like you're there.

Have you ever wanted to just escape to a forest? Stand on the beach and hear the atmosphere around you? That's what env is for, whether you have a short two minute break in your day or want to meditate in a natural sound environment for a prolonged period of time, you have the ability to do just that.

We aren't done yet either, we are planning a myriad of features, from setting favourite environments, allowing you to request environments to be added and much much more.
We also welcome criticism anywhere, do not hesitate to leave feedback to let us know what needs improving, we feel immersive content is the future and we want to help make tht a reality wherever we can.

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