Encyclopedia GalacticAR

Your guide to the universe

Dear travellers through time and space,
Need any help in navigating the vastness of the cosmos? Fear not, Encyclopedia GalacticAR has got you covered.
Explore and learn about the universe, from small comets, to our solar system, to clusters of galaxies.
Immerse yourself in stunning experiences that will leave you breathless.
Test your knowledge by taking the quiz, where 300 astronomy questions of various difficulty levels await you.

Encyclopedia GalacticAR is a comprehensive catalog of astronomical objects and topics, brought to life through 3D models and scenes, and gamified with an engaging astronomy quiz.

• 300 quiz questions to test and expand your knowledge
• 120 astronomical topics in the encyclopedia
• 43 interactive 3D models
• 9 main categories: Comets, Asteroids, Moons, Planets, Solar System, Stars, Black Holes, Galaxies, and Universe.
• 8 achievements to collect
• 3 immersive outer space scenes: Solar system simulation, scales of stars, and varieties of galaxies

No matter if you are a space nerd or just curious about the universe, download Encyclopedia GalacticAR today and start exploring!

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