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Drawing Desk is the ideal app to practice and learn drawing on the App Store with more than 50 Million users. We are super excited to bring Drawing Desk to Apple Vision Pro providing everyone with a new medium of creative experience.

Introducing the Revolutionary iPad-as-a-Trackpad Feature by Drawing Desk: In a groundbreaking advancement, Drawing Desk transforms your iPad into a high-precision trackpad, revolutionizing how you interact with Apple Vision Pro. This innovative feature enables artists to draw on a larger canvas with unparalleled precision, enhancing control and accuracy in every stroke.

New gestures to streamline your workflow:
- Undo with a quick two-finger tap.
- Redo your last action with a three-finger tap.
- Pan and Zoom: Use two fingers to zoom and move the canvas.
- Canvas Drag: Move your canvas effortlessly with a single finger.

Apple Pencil Pressure and Tilt Sensitivity: Dive deeper into your creativity with the trackpad’s support for Apple Pencil pressure and tilt sensitivity, providing a dynamic and responsive drawing experience.

To embark on this artistic journey, simply follow these steps after downloading the app:

* Initiate Connection: Open the Drawing Desk app on your iPad.
*Activate Feature: Tap on the "Vision Pro Trackpad" cell within the app.
*Connect Devices: Follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Apple Vision Pro to your iPad.

Drawing Desk offers a batch of powerful artistic tools to easily get started with digital drawing and painting. Loved by everyone, Drawing Desk is a family app that enables creativity in everyone!

Key Features
- Connect the iPad as a trackpad and experience the future of drawing that brings your creations to life with unparalleled depth and details
- Infinity Canvas with customizable Sizes (Height, Width)
- 12+ Brushes with Opacity & Size changing Options
Pens, Pencil, Highlighters, Crayon , Watercolor brush, Spray tool, Neon brush, Smudge tool, and Eraser
- Unlimited layers with advanced options.
Delete Layers, Add Layers, Merge Down Layers, Duplicate Layers, Fill Layers, Color Invert, Flip Layers, Clear Layers & Change Opacity
- Undo/Redo your art anytime
- Share Projects
- Export your art as an Image
- Fully customizable color palette.
- Pinch and Draw option
- Gallery View to showcase your artworks

Get closer to the canvas or bring the canvas closer and draw with your fingers for the best experience.

Coming soon features
- We are currently working on Drawing lessons designed to improve your drawing skills to unleash your full drawing potential

What are you waiting for? Try Drawing Desk on Apple Vision Pro !

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