Dock Pro

Your things, at a glance

Introducing Dock Pro, an innovative floating dock persisting all of your favorite things, at a glance. This essential Apple Vision Pro companion app enables convenient, quick access links within your immersive world.

Whether you're adding favorite apps, browser bookmarks, personal text contacts or handy spacers, the floating dock ensures your most used items are always in reach β€” with real-time displays of your time, date and battery percentage ever-present.

Customization is at the heart of Dock Pro. Long-press a dock item to enable edit mode (delete and/or reorder). Simply drag-n-drop your dock items however you please. Tailor your dock to suit your preferences with adjustable item alignment, time, date and battery view positioning and a selection of five stunning dock theme colors: light, dark, blue, pink or glass.

Say hello to Dock Pro. Your things, at a glance.

– Native Home Screen apps
– Favorite browser bookmarks
– Family or friend text contacts
– Third-party apps via URL schemesΒΉ
– Blank and divider spacers

– Long-press your dock item to enable edit mode
– In edit mode, tap the "–" button to remove an item
– In edit mode, drag-n-drop your items to reorder
– Customize your dock appearance and theme

ΒΉ Only compatible apps supporting URL schemes can be added to your dock. App developers must have specifically integrated app URL schemes into their app. You may be able to find more readily available URL scheme-compatible apps online.

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