Desktop Aquariums

Your Living Aquatic Backdrop

Desktop Aquariums: Your Living Backdrop for Apple Vision Pro
Animate your environment with realstic high-res aquatic animals! Add a touch of tranquility and personalization to your Apple Vision Pro, this app lets you place 3D virtual aquariums anywhere to enchance your experience.

* Multitasking made serene: Desktop Aquariums plays beautifully alongside your other Vision Pro apps. Work on documents, browse the web, or chat with colleagues – all while your calming scenery continues.
* Stay informed in style: Hide or show the current time, date, and your Apple Vision Pro's battery percentage. Stay informed without the need of additional apps.
* Customize for environment: Resize and rotate to fit your space.
* No in-app purchases…ever!: All future updates and upgrades are free.

Download Desktop Aquariums today and transform your workspace into a living oasis!

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