DeskFrame Spatial Photo Clock

Real 3D Album Clock Widget

Spruce up your desk with a photorealistic digital desk photo frame! Choose from your favorite photo albums, pick out your frame, set your clock options and enjoy your new photo slideshow of all of your favorite photos of loved ones, pets, places and things! Tell the time in style on your Apple Vision Pro!

The frames in DeskFrame are actual 3D models, including realistically rendered cover glass and spatial shadows to make your photo frame fit right in with your real world space. The border frame paint color can be customized to match your home decor style. Tilt the frame back to give it a better angle for you to see your artwork when placed in your workspace.

In addition to being a beautiful photo frame, DeskFrame can display a clock widget with or without seconds, so you have an always available, fully customizable clock that blends in with your environment. The clock can be moved around the frame to fit in with whatever image styles you are displaying on your frame.

DeskFrame currently has only a single square frame design, and will zoom your images to fill the entire frame.

DeskFrame is free to use with one frame and a singular photo, but a one time fee if you would like to display photo albums or customize more than one frame.


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