Day Peek - Calendar & Clock

Your Day at a Glance

Stay in touch with your daily schedule!

Are you tired of losing track of time while working deeply immersed in visionOS? Do you worry about missing important events? Say goodbye to these concerns with Day Peek!

Day Peek helps you stay on top of your schedule. It displays a clock with your upcoming events in a colorful, floating widget that gradually fades in as the event approaches. With this clever feature, you can easily and naturally stay in touch with what’s happening next.

β€’ Stay Focused: Block out dedicated deep work periods in your calendar and see the progress bar and countdown ticking away, keeping you focused and productive.

β€’ Never Miss Important Events: Stay alert! The colors of upcoming events gradually fade in as the time draws near, ensuring you are always aware and prepared.

β€’ Distraction-Free Design: Enjoy a minimal and elegant interface that keeps distractions at bay. Hide everything you don’t need to focus exclusively on one event at a time!

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