Study planner and companion

Take control of your learning with Consolidate – an intuitive revision planner and study companion.

Designed for students at high school, college, or university.

1. Plan Your Studies
• List all the lessons you need to learn for your course.
• Add learning outcomes, useful links, and notes.
• Organise and filter lessons using categories.

2. Track Your Learning
• Log whenever you study a lesson.
• Note down what you did well, and what you need to work on.
• Self-evaluate your progress using a traffic-light system.

3. Adapt Your Revision
• As you track your learning, get an overview of your progress to guide future studying.
• Easily see which lessons you understand well and which ones need more work.

# Designed for Apple platforms
• iCloud sync
• Multiple windows
• Shortcuts
• Accessibility: VoiceOver, Dynamic Type
• Calendar import
• Keyboard shortcuts

At the moment, Consolidate is free to use. If you enjoy the app, you can leave a tip to support future development.

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