Complete HeartX

Tour Realistic 3D Human Heart

Have you ever wanted to take a peek inside the heart? To learn how it works and what happens when things go wrong?

Whether you are a medical student, a health professional, an enthusiastic learner, or a curious patient, you will love Complete HeartX, the new app from Elsevier that takes you on an immersive journey through the most photo-realistic detailed 3D models of the heart.

The app is one of the first spatial computing apps to be launched on Apple's Vision Pro, leveraging the capability to merge the digital world with the real world. Experience the heart like never before, with learning in action, with what you can see, hear, and do. Explore the heart's anatomy, physiology, and pathology in stunning detail, using interactive photo-realistic 3D models, videos, images, and simulations. Connect the threads of learning, bridge the gap between theory and practice, and understand the scientific basis behind clinical diagnosis.

Complete HeartX is a new reality in learning, a life-like rehearsal, and a powerful tool for education and self empowerment. Purchase and start exploring today!

Here are some features that make Complete HeartX a unique, valuable, and enjoyable learning experience:

• Guided Exploration: Explore the healthy human heart and cardiovascular system using detailed 3D models that you can view from any angle, zoom in and out, and manipulate with your hands. Accompanied by information boxes, labels, Osmosis videos, and content from Gray's Anatomy for Student’s, the definitive and comprehensive Elsevier reference book for anatomy. Hear normal heart sounds of the valves opening and closing, understand blood flow and supply to the heart, and understand how anatomy meets physiology.

• Cardiac Conditions: Go beyond the basics and learn about cardiac conditions in detail. See how conditions affect the structure and function of the heart, and learn about the signs, symptoms, and diagnosis using real-life scenarios and simulations.

• Simulation: Experience the clinical procedures that help diagnose cardiac conditions using realistic simulations that mimic the real-world procedures. Perform or observe some key steps using virtual tools.

• Informed Patients: See your health and body in a completely new way, using the Vision Pro's spatial computing capabilities. By understanding how healthy and diseased heart models look and function, you can learn how to improve your own cardiac health.

Benefits from using Complete HeartX:

• Educational: This an interactive educational app covering cardiac anatomy, physiology, and pathology. It uses high-quality content from Elsevier's medical publications and supports the understanding of clinical skills.

• Immersive: This is an immersive app that uses the power of spatial computing to create a realistic and captivating learning environment. It allows you to experience the heart in a way that is not possible with traditional media, such as books, videos, or slides.

• Empowering: Complete HeartX is an empowering app that helps you understand your own heart and body better, and learn about cardiac conditions and how they are diagnosed. It will inspire you to pursue your passion and curiosity for learning, and to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Complete HeartX is the ultimate app for learning and exploring the human heart. It is an innovative, immersive, and empowering app that uses the power of spatial computing to create a new reality in learning. It is also a showcase of Elsevier's technological leadership and vision.

You will find Complete HeartX to be a valuable and enjoyable app that will enhance your knowledge, skills, and confidence. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the heart like never before, and to discover a new reality in learning.

Get Complete HeartX today! It is a one-time purchase that gives you unlimited access, including new content and features as they're added.

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