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Codepoint contains 73,000+ Unicodes, including SF Symbols and emojis. Convert each code point into any imaginable format, like HEX, decimals, UTF, HTML, or Swift code. You can even export them as actual 3D asset for your next spatial computing project. Hand-picked glyphs are accompanied by typographic hints that explain how to use them correctly. A slick, multi-platform companion for developers, designers, and typographers.

β€’ Expore, search, and manage Unicodes
β€’ Search everything: Lightning fast, surprisingly smart.
β€’ Extensive export format options
β€’ 3D preview and converter, featuring USDZ file export
β€’ Favorites: Synced in iCloud, and exportable as JSON (macOS)
β€’ Widget support (iOS, macOS): Emoji, SF Symbold and Codepoint of the Day
β€’ Typography clues for selected glyphs
β€’ Glyph metrics
β€’ Multi-codepoint support


If you need help or want to make a feature suggestion, I’d love hearing from you β†’

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