Clipster - Universal Clipboard

Copy/paste history with sync

Welcome to Clipster, the innovative clipboard manager that transforms how you copy and paste across iOS, macOS, and visionOS. With an emphasis on productivity and ease of use, Clipster lets you efficiently manage multiple clipboard items, syncing them across all your devices via iCloud. Whether you’re a busy professional, a diligent student, or just someone aiming to enhance your productivity, Clipster is designed for you.

Key Features:
- Multiple clipboards: Break free from single clipboard limitations. Store and manage multiple text strings within Clipster.
- Instant copy: Easily copy any saved text to your pasteboard with a single tap, ready for pasting anywhere.
- Drag & drop: Move text into other apps with drag-and-drop actions for a seamless workflow. Works great on visionOS and with iPad splitscreen mode.
- iCloud syncing: Your clips are synced across all devices with iCloud, ensuring you have what you need, wherever you are.
- macOS Hotkey: Use the hotkey to paste text without needing to switch to the Clipster app, enhancing your efficiency on macOS and visionOS.

Ideal For:
- Programmers needing to copy/paste multiple code snippets
- Writers and editors who need to manage multiple sources, quotes, or references
- Data entry professionals who have too much data to keep track of
- Project managers working on various projects who need to quickly access and share links, project IDs, and other crucial information across different platforms and teams
- Job applicants needing to constantly enter portfolio and/or social URLs on applications
- Social media managers in charge of multiple social media accounts who need to post or reference various links, hashtags, and content snippets across different platforms.
- visionOS users who want a better copy/paste experience

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