Clearly Vision

Peripheral vision check

Check your vision and get results in minutes! (Not a medical grade test, so consider this as entertainment.)
This app runs in two modes: a shared space window environment, and an adjustable immersive environment where windows from other apps are hidden. It defaults to the shared window space, but you can choose the other mode in the main Settings tab. We recommend that you sit down while running this app in immersive mode. In this mode, the test panel will be anchored approximately 5 feet from the position of your head, and you should move the main window to an accessible location before beginning the test.

Select either the Short test or Extended test duration to check your peripheral vision. When the test opens, a visual panel will appear in front of you. For best results, you may need to carefully step forward or backwards until the panel fully covers your front and peripheral vision before starting the test. Look in the green viewer area while you use your peripheral vision to catch the random white dots that appear in each of the four panels (Top Left - TL, Top Right - TR, Bottom Left - BL, and Bottom Right - BR). Click the button corresponding to the panel where you saw the white dot.

The timing and location of the dots are randomized. Do not look right at the dots while performing the test, as it will yield inaccurate results. When the test completes, you may view your results. Snap a screenshot to keep it for your records.

Peripheral vision loss can be an insidious process. Visual acuity may gradually deteriorate without our knowledge, but early detection could uncover hidden eye or neurological diseases that can be treated early to prevent further damage. We are doing our small part by raising awareness of such diseases with this app, to hopefully preserve eyesight in more people. The infinite canvas of the Apple Vision Pro now makes this test possible at home, but we would like to remind you that it is not a medical grade diagnostic test. Always check with your doctor if you have any questions about your vision, and see your opthalmologist for a proper medical assessment.

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