Cinema Mode for Local Video

Enjoy your videos in an infinite space with zero distractions or limits. Cinephile provides an immersive environment so you can watch content on the largest screen imaginable, from any angle or position.

• Freely resize and reposition videos however you like
• Add ambient light from the video to enhance presence
• Hide your hands to eliminate distractions
• Prevent accidental taps with long-tap mode
• Pin the playback bar anywhere or let it follow your gaze
• Change the background color to avoid lens glare and add personality
• Supports subtitles, both embedded and separate files (SRT, VTT)
• Adjust subtitle height, size, and background in real time
• Switch between 8 playback speeds
• Remembers your settings between sessions
• Videos save in a convenient library sortable by name, size, and date
• Supports partial passthrough, so you can quickly check your surroundings anytime

Cinephile currently supports 2D videos compatible with the built-in player. If your video plays in the Files app, it should play in Cinephile.

Look forward to future updates, including expanded file compatibility, media server support, and realistic environments.

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