Chinendar: Chinese Calendar

Tradition with modern design

In the heart of tradition lies innovation. While countless traditional Chinese calendars exist, they often seem stuck in the past. Inspired by the elegance and clarity of wristwatches, I've reimagined the Chinese calendar. Picture this: a circular design where months and years revolve like hours and minutes, giving you the essence of time at just one glance. Beyond just the basic dates, dive deep into the rhythms of the cosmos--from the 24 solar terms and lunar cycles to the dance of the planets, and even your local sunrise and moonrise times--all calculated offline, with best care of your privacy.


1. Experience the Chinese calendar's month, day, hour, and quarter in an innovative format.
2. Track the ccliptic position of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.
3. Capture the exact moments of the New Moon, Full Moon, and all 24 Solar Terms.
4. Know your local sunrise, sunset, astronomical noon, midnight, as well as the moon's rise, set, and peak times (if location enabled).
5. A customizable UI that lets your unique style shine through.
6. Handy widgets for all devices—get the essence of time without even opening the app.
7. Multi-device support for a seamless experience wherever you go.

Welcome to a blend of tradition and modernity. Dive into the essence of time.

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