Celebrating Home

Express appreciation for Earth

I strongly believe that the intersection of art, technology, and social responsibility can inspire change. Celebrating Home combines art & technology to offer a unique experience designed to promote and express appreciation for life on Earth and encourage deeper reflection on the beauty and fragility of our planet.

• With Celebrating Home, you can browse through collections of nature-themed artworks that are #MadeOniPad by me and gain insight into what inspired me to create them.
• On iPhone and iPad, you can view artworks in your space using augmented reality (AR)— bringing them to life— offering an escape into landscapes, and creating an immersive experience.
• On Apple Vision Pro, you can view artworks at a life-like scale, and through a portal window. Portal window surrounds you with Spatial Audio, bringing you to the artwork's unique environment.
• You can add artworks to your iPhone, iPad home screen or Mac Desktop as widgets.
• View artworks in StandBy when your iPhone is placed on its side while charging.

• Celebrating Home includes templates in the Creator tab.
• Use your hands to draw across the canvas when using Apple Vision Pro.
• Unleash your creativity by creating personalized images, download your unique doodle, share it with the world.

• In addition to Artworks and Creator, Celebrating Home also includes a variety of stickers designed to facilitate conversations about expressing appreciation for the planet.
• Peel & paste stickers on images or text bubbles in your Messages conversation or add stickers as effects during a FaceTime call.

Whether you're an art lover, a technology enthusiast, or someone who wants to make a positive impact, Celebrating Home offers a unique experience designed to express gratitude for our Earth. I hope my app will inspire you, and ignite your creativity.

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