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Capture's intuitive interface and smart features turn your mobile device into a powerful thought organizer, letting you seize, sort, and execute your ideas with unprecedented ease.

• Instant Capture: Immediacy is key, and with Capture, the moment inspiration hits, you're ready. Our instant note-taking feature is designed for those who think fast and want to write faster. Notes, lists, and reminders are captured in real-time, ensuring no idea ever slips through the cracks.

• Easy export: Looking to migrate your captures to other platforms? Capture's export functionality allows you to move your content with ease. It's all about getting your thoughts out there, wherever 'there' might be, from to-do to calendar apps.

• Intuitive reminders: With our badge system, subtle yet effective reminders keep you informed of your tasks. These intuitive nudges ensure that important notes don't get lost in the shuffle, keeping you alert and on track.

• Automatic date & URL recognition: Organization has never been so effortless. Capture's date recognition identifies your dates and URLs so you don't need to manually insert them. They are also pre-filled with your favorite export option.

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