Capsule Critters

Merge & Match

Welcome to Capsule Critters!

Simple, Engaging, and Utterly Captivating!

Capsule Critters is a satisfying physics puzzle with a simple goal; fill the capsule machine with cute critters. Using just simple drag-and-drop controls merge critters to discover 11 adorable critters, aiming for the apex of animals, the Orca. But be careful, the game ends when the capsule machine is full, or a capsule falls out. Compete on the global leaderboards with friends and foes alike for the high score.

Why You'll Love Capsule Critters:

- Intuitive Gameplay: Just drag, drop, and merge! Aim for high scores by combining capsules to discover new critters, all in a quest to get the Orca.
- Spatial Gaming Magic: Place the capsule machine anywhere in your room. Interact with capsules using hand tracking or eye gaze, and enjoy playing while multitasking with other apps.
- Charming Visuals: Dive into a capsule machine full of cute and colorful critters.
- Compete: Battle for the top spot with global leaderboards. It's not just about playing; it's about climbing the ranks and competing with players worldwide.
- Easy to Play: Perfect for casual gamers of all ages, offering an accessible and enjoyable experience for everyone and anyone.

Game Features:

- Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop controls
- Fill up your own capsule machine with cute critters
- Adorable and colorful art style
- Global leaderboards to compete with friends and others around the world
- Supports multitasking with other applications for a seamless experience
- Play with or without sound to not interrupt other applications
- Designed for hand tracking and eye gaze
- Casual and accessible gameplay for all ages

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