Calcflow Vision

Immersive 3D Graphs

See mathematics like never before, with Calcflow for the Apple Vision Pro, your gateway to exploring 3D graphs through spatial computing. With Calcflow, you can visualize functions of two variables, in the form z=f(x,y). Study the various extrema points or saddle points of the functions you encounter in multivariable calculus, and actively engage with these 3D graphs that might be otherwise harder to visualize. Calcflow allows you to qualitatively examine the objects that you are working with quantitatively in your mathematics courses.

Main Features:

Interactive Calculator: Use the calculator buttons to type in your function - includes two variables and common scientific functions.
Interactive 3D Graphs: Grab the graphs, rotate them, and gain insights into the structure and behavior of the plotted function.
Auto-Rotation: Enable auto-ratation to get a full 360-degree view of the graph.
Sample Functions: Peruse our list of sample functions to get started.

Download Calcflow from the App Store and experience mathematics in a whole new immersive way through spatial computing on the Apple Vision Pro today.

Made by Nanome Inc.

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