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Lock, Hide, Secure Your Media

Introducing Cabinit: The Ultimate Private Content Sharing App, Native for Vision Pro!

Are you tired of compromising your privacy when saving the content you love? Look no further than Cabinit – the app designed to keep your favorite files hidden and secure, away from prying eyes on your phone. Download now and discover a world of private sharing possibilities!

Private Folders
With Cabinit, you can create exclusive folders to store and organize your photos, files, videos, web links, and more. These folders are for your eyes only, ensuring your cherished content remains truly private.

Password Protection
Each private folder you create is safeguarded by a 6-digit pin code and an Emoji of your choice, adding an extra layer of security. Use familiar pin codes with the added peace of mind that your content stays hidden.

Direct Sharing
Sharing photos, files, videos, and web links with your private cabin is as easy as sending them to a friend. Simply use the direct sharing feature from other apps, and your content will be waiting for you the next time you access your private folder.

Private Browser (BETA)
Unlock a private browsing experience within your private folder. Access the web, browse history, manage bookmarks, and more, all behind the same password protection as your private content.

Ad-Free and Cloudless
Unlike other locker apps, Cabinit doesn't bombard you with invasive ads or compromise your content's privacy. We go the extra mile by not integrating with external cloud services that back up your content. Your privacy matters to us.

Upgrade to Cabinit PREMIUM for even more exclusive features:

Multiple Folders
Expand your private domain with additional folders, each protected by its own pin and emoji combinations. External apps can easily share content with all your private folders.

Video and Audio Playback
Enjoy seamless playback of supported files directly within the app. Watch your favorite videos and listen to audio files without leaving the secure confines of Cabinit.

Immerse yourself in a world of literature with supported document file reading within your private folder. Great for books, comics, manga, and more, all safely stored and accessible.

No File Limits
Leave file limits behind and store even more content in your private folders. Never worry about running out of space again.

Optic ID
Add an additional layer of security to your private folders with Optic ID. Your unique facial features provide an extra safeguard for your valuable content.

Support Indies
By subscribing to Cabinit PLUS, you'll be supporting our team and fueling our much-needed coffee supply. Join us in championing privacy and independence!

Download Cabinit now and experience the freedom of private content sharing. Your privacy deserves the best!

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