Buddy - your intelligent buddy

your 3D AI companion

Buddy: Your AI Companion, Optimized for VisionOS

Say hello to your new AI companion, Buddy!

* Unparalleled Immersion
Experience Buddy as if it's right in your own space. Its lifelike movements and seamless interactions will leave you convinced that Buddy is a real-life companion.

* Personalized Buddy
Create a Buddy that perfectly suits your needs. Choose from a range of personalities, from study buddy to therapist. Want a funny vs. a stoic Buddy? You can adjust your Buddy's personality too!

* Effortless Communication
Engage in natural conversations with Buddy without the hassle of typing. Simply press and hold a button to talk, and Buddy will respond in real-time. No need to read, just listen and enjoy the flow of conversation.

* Multilingual Support
Communicate with Buddy in your preferred language. With support for over 20 languages, Buddy can connect with you seamlessly, regardless of your location.

* Privacy Assured
Your conversations with Buddy are completely private. We don't collect any personally identifying information, ensuring that your data remains yours and yours alone.

An app by Studiolanes

Privacy Policy: https://studiolanes.notion.site/Buddy-Privacy-Policy-3bf37df7449646ef9fd45dedf1d3a389

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