Buchen - Bookmarks

Save, share and organize links

Buchen (pronounced like bookin’) is a simple bookmark manger that allows you to manage your bookmarks for multiple browsers, tags, and folders.

Some of the feature of the app include:

- Tag your bookmarks with an interface that allows you to easily add new tags and suggest existing ones.

- Organise your bookmarks in folders. Folders can have as many sub-folders as you need to organise your bookmarks.

- Add notes to your bookmarks.

- Import / Export bookmarks as JSON or HTML. When the optional fields added date, tags, or notes are available in either import format, Buchen will use those too.

- Shortcuts for adding bookmarks or searching bookmarks.

- An “Add Bookmark” action for the Share Sheet. This allows you to add bookmarks directly from Safari and other apps.

- A variety of keyboard shortcuts for iPad users.

- Create QR Codes in a variety of colours for your bookmarks. You can view or share the QR Code from the bookmark detail view or with a left swipe / long-press on a bookmark.

- Choose between different bookmark styles. You can choose different styles in the Bookmarks and Tags sections.

- When you choose a bookmark style that shows its tags, you can navigate to that tag from any bookmark.

- Select which browser will open your bookmark. Note: Browsers other than Safari are only an option if they’re installed on the device. Read the help for the list of compatible browsers.

- Lock Buchen with Optic ID / Passcode. Either fully lock it down or enjoy some convenience and allow shortcuts to show your data.

- Search your bookmarks against their name, URL, notes, browser, tags or even creation date (YY-MM-DD format).

Importing bookmarks can use the Buchen JSON format, Firefox JSON backup files or standard bookmark HTML files.

Exporting bookmarks can use the Buchen JSON format or the standard bookmark HTML format.

Notes from HTML imports require using the Delicious / Pinboard HTML format.

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