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Bridges is the best way to collect custom formatted links. Saving a link for your podcast, newsletter, or blog post has never been easier.

If you’ve ever had the task to collect links for a project you’ll love Bridges. Bridges eliminates any tedious URL editing for making a raw URL more human readable. When saving a link to Bridges you give it a title and it can be used when you copy the link later on. Need a link with a custom title in markdown? One tap away. Need a URL as a hyperlink? One tap away. Even better if you set all the links into a folder you can copy all of these links in the format you need in a few taps. The supported formats include: Hyperlink, Markdown, JSON, HTML, URL.

Organize the links into different folders and keep each folder in a section. All your data is stored locally and synced with iCloud so all your devices are up to date. If you download the separate macOS app for Bridges all your links and data will be there.

Use the share sheet to save links to Bridges quickly and easily. When saving a link it will show a rich preview of the links info: Link Title, Hero Image, Favicon, and URL. From the share sheet it’s easy to save to any folder you’ve made in the app. The custom title for the link is automatically filled in with the URL’s link title.

With Bridges saving links is easy and fun. Bridges is built by one person and aims to give you more time back by reducing tedious tasks.

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