Bolt — Adblock for Safari

Blocks ads, improves privacy

Bolt is an adblocker, with privacy and efficiency in mind, for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Vision Pro.


Bolt blocks advertisements directly within Safari. Therefore, you can continue browsing as you used to before, now without the ads.
Just download Bolt, launch it once to set it up and activate it.
Enjoy a ad-free, lighter and faster web.


Bolt is also able to block trackers. Regain privacy when browsing!
Not like some other apps, we do NOT collect a single data from you!


By removing the ads you'll be able to load webpages up to four times faster while reducing your data consumption at the same time.


Bolt provides several filter lists. You are able to choose exactly what you want to block: ads, privacy trackers, adult websites, ...


You are able to retrieve up-to-date filter lists from the application.


Bolt+ is an addition to Bolt. It's based on another process that integrates with your entire device (and isn't limited to Safari alone). The aim is still to block as many ads and trackers as possible, all without collecting any data!

Bolt+ requires a $0.99/month or $9.99/year subscription (prices may vary by region). You can stop your subscription at any time to avoid renewing it.
A one-time purchase is also available for 24.99$ (price may vary by region).

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If you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to leave a comment on the AppStore!
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