Bluebird Focus Timer

Time Tracker for Study & Work

Bluebird is a time management app for study and work.

It combines a Pomodoro-style focus timer with a to-do list, helps you overcome procrastination, stay focused, and make progress.

## Key Features

・Flexible focus timer (based on the Pomodoro Technique)
・Simple-but-powerful task management (with duration, priority, start/due date, repeat & tags)
・Time tracking (record all the time you put in and review later)
・Background sounds (white noise & all kinds of sounds from nature)
・Distraction blocker (block apps & websites while focusing)
・Widgets on Home Screen & Lock Screen
・Live Activities in Dynamic Island
・iCloud Sync across iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Mac
・Accessibility (VoiceOver, Dynamic Type & more)
・Full Focus support (Focus filter & Time Sensitive notifications)
・SharePlay (focus together with friends)
・Siri Shortcuts & automation
・Strict privacy policy (zero data collection)

**Also available on Apple Watch**

・Stay focused anywhere (with/without your iPhone)
・Instant sync (always in line with the iOS app)
・Haptic focus reminders (a silent but impactful way to keep you focused)
・Complications of all sizes
・Optimized for Always On

## Who is Bluebird for?

・Students who want to stay focused on their study
・Remote workers or freelancers who want to be more productive
・Anyone who wants to spend their time wisely


May the bluebird of happiness cross your path.


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