Blue Moon Solitaire

Painfully Addictive Fun

Blue Moon Solitaire is a unique experience based on an old family tradition of people too stubborn to quit. Named because players would only win “once in a blue moon”, the advanced difficulty (available in Legendary mode**) makes it an addictive challenge for solitaire lovers. Because not everybody is as persistent (or masochistic?) as us, we've added our own spin to make it fun for players of all skill levels and pain tolerances. With beginner through advanced difficulty levels, power ups, and daily challenges, there are hours of addictive fun ahead!

Just getting started? Don't worry! We have interactive tutorials, hints, and beginner levels to help you.

Free version includes:
- Endless play on Easy level
- Earn (or purchase) power ups that can be deployed during game play
- Earn achievements*
- Compete on Leaderboards*
- Tutorials on basic game play, power ups, difficulty levels, and more
- Choose your suit color

Premium features include:
- Additional difficulty levels, including Legendary - the original version
- Daily challenges providing winnable games, with guided interactive solutions
- Custom game generator (make your own rules!)
- Access to exclusive card designs and themes
- Earn exclusive achievements*
- Earn power ups faster
- Apple Family Sharing

* requires a Game Center account
** Medium, Hard, and Legendary difficulty levels require a subscription

We are a wife-and-husband development team focused on quality experiences. Have an issue? Let us help! Contact us from the game's settings page (gear icon visible at the top-right corner of most screens). Thanks for playing! Who knows, installing our app just might save our marriage.

In-App Purchases and Subscriptions
Subscriptions are optional and provide access to premium features for the selected duration (monthly, yearly, or lifetime). Lifetime subscriptions will charge a one-time fee, and will never expire. Monthly and yearly subscriptions will automatically renew according to the terms of Apple's subscription renewal service prior to the end of the current billing period to prevent a lapse in availability. Players may cancel their subscriptions prior to Apple's renewal process from the subscriptions area in the game's settings screen. Free trials are available to users as a one-time promotion, allowing full access to premium features for one week. Prior to the end of the free trial week, the user will be automatically subscribed and charged unless the user cancels the subscription from the subscription area in the game's settings screen.

Apple Family Sharing for Lifetime subscriptions is limited by Apple's policies for non-consumable in-app purchases. In order for a Lifetime subscription to be shared by family members, purchase sharing must be enabled, the user's family members must be sharing payment, and the app must not be hidden in the user's purchase history. These conditions are subject to change by Apple, and are outside the control of Blue Moon Solitaire. Yearly and Monthly subscriptions are enabled for Family Sharing by default, depending on the preferences set by the purchaser.

Power ups may be purchased inside the game, and are eligible for use in Easy, Medium, and Hard levels. Power up types are generated at random per the terms of the disclosure found here:

All in-app purchases, including subscriptions and power ups, will be charged to the user's Apple ID Account, which the user will confirm at the time of purchase. All automatic renewals will be charged to the same Apple ID Account. All payment processing is handled by Apple.

Blue Moon Solitaire Copyright 2024 KL Land, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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