Bible - The Holy Bible

The best book in the world deserves the best app. This is the ultimate Bible app for visionOS. With stunning visuals, realistic pages, and powerful features, this app will transform your Bible reading experience. You can highlight any word or verse, change the colors, add notes, and tag them for easy access. You can also bookmark your favorite pages, sync your data with iCloud, and search the entire Bible in real time. Whether you are online or offline, you can immerse yourself in the Word of God with this app.

Immerse yourself in one of the amazing visionOS environments and enjoy a different scenery while reading the Bible. From natural landscapes to outer space, you can find the perfect environment for your mood and preference. You can even adjust the translucency and how much light comes through the app window to suit your comfort level.

Some of the amazing features of this app are:
- Swipe the pages like a real book.
- Read the Bible offline anytime, anywhere.
- Highlight exactly what you want. You can highlight even single words, no need to always highlight an entire verse.
- Add notes and tags to your highlights.
- Bookmark your favorite pages.
- Sync your data with iCloud.
- Search the whole text, highlights, tags, and notes.
- Adjust the fonts, sizes, and spacing of the text.
- Choose from different themes: White, Sepia, Dark Gray, and Night.
- Control the translucency and how much light comes through the app window.

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