Bento|Craft - Marketing Assets

Craft. Share. Love. Repeat.

Made for app developers and creators, Bento|Craft is a lightweight and delightful marketing asset designer. Effortlessly produce beautiful images to be used on social media, websites, press kits, and more. Whether you're launching a new app, pushing an update, or sharing your service with the world, your Bento|Craft mockups will command attention.

== Stand out on social ==
Cultivate a dedicated audience by creating posts as unique as your app. Bento|Craft simplifies the process of crafting unique designs, enabling effortless sharing across various social media platforms.

== Highlights ==
• Pre-made layouts - Think outside the box by creating inside Bento|Craft.
• Multiple mockups - Design making that's as easy as picking sushi rolls.
• Share in a snap - Show off your delicious designs to the world.

== Features ==
• Completely free to use
• 6 attention-grabbing layouts: Micro, Mini, Mega, Mighty, Monster, and Max
• Auto-add device frames to screenshots
• Configurable text, images, background and symbols
• Easy export that can be shared anywhere
• Supports participating Indie Devs through non-intrusive App Store ads (configurable)
• Drag & Drop images from anywhere onto your bento
• And more

== Terms & Privacy ==

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