Battery Webhook

Webhooks allow an application to send real-time data to another application whenever a specific event occurs. What if you could send battery information whenever you connected your device to power? Even better, what if you could easily send it to a messaging app like Discord, in an easy-to-read format?

Battery Webhook achieves this and also has:
- A fully modern design, built in Swift and SwiftUI
- Manual sending of battery info in the app
- Automations support with Shortcuts Automations
- Siri Shortcuts support
- A highly power efficient design, with minimal power usage

It is simple to use the app, just fill out a few basic details and you can send your device's battery info. If you ever run into any roadblocks, there's step-by-step documentation available.

Source code and bug reports:

Note: Battery Webhook is not affiliated with or endorsed by Discord Inc in any way. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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