Aware - Daily Bullet Journal

Free your mind and be happy

Free your mind of the things you need to do every day and let Aware remind you of them.

[Bullet journal] is the mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system.
- Ryder Carroll

The bullet journal method makes it easier for you to prioritize and manage your life, enabling you to be more productive and organized.

Aware allows you to organize and track everything you need, from private life to work: appointments, things to do and lists of all kinds.

Aware combines in an original way the best productivity functions, such as event management and reminders, with tools for building new positive habits.

An essential and intuitive service that allows you to manage the various aspects of everyday life through five customizable areas:

// TODAY //
Where you can track your mood, hours of sleep, stress level and the habits you want to keep day by day.

Think about something you are grateful for every day, you will realize that there is something positive in every day.

The complete view of things to do and events, where you can plan your activities.

// LISTS //
Where you can organize: books you want to read, movies to watch, shopping list or anything that can fit into a list.

// HABITS //
Where you can set up daily habits. Challenge yourself to set a goal and focus your energy on achieving it.


- Add unlimited tasks
- Open task location in Maps
- Get task location directions right from notifications
- Add unlimited lists
- Edit past habits completions
- See past habits statistics
- See past mood statistics


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