Aura for Spotify

An immersive music experience

Spotify’s web player is a usability nightmare (playing a song from a playlist is difficult and often leads to unintended actions), controls are small. The volume is completely nonfunctional. I found myself getting eyestrain from trying to click on little elements. I found I was pulling out my phone to change my music, which is detracts from the overall experience.

Aura uses the mobile version of their player, which uses a better design language for interactions in visionOS, but strangely, by default, important functions of the mobile player were also difficult to use or nonfunctional.

Aura fixes these issues in order to improves accessibility and ergonomics for Spotify users in visionOS. It provides easy control for your music. Even if you don’t want to play music in your headset, you can control Spotify Connect devices! I made sure the player integrates with beautiful translucency effects of visionOS.

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