Art Universe

A magical tour of visual art

The Art Universe is where visual art comes to life. A truly spatial application, the Art Universe provides a magical experience for viewing and interacting with artwork. Available exclusively on the Vision Pro, the Art Universe features an exciting roster of over 100 elite, contemporary artists that span a wide range of genres (abstract, surrealism, impressionism, pop & urban, minimalism, etc.) and disciplines (paintings, photography, drawing, and digital art).

While exploring the Art Universe, you’re invited to lean back and enjoy a spatial presentation for each artist as Aura - the AI guide of the Art Universe - shares their stories. If you find an artist that you especially like, you may browse available artwork and place the art on your wall.

The Art Universe is built by Kaleido, as an extension of the Kaleido ecosystem. Accordingly, if you buy artwork in the Art Universe, you will likely be able to scan it through the Kaleido mobile application and activate a delightful augmented reality experience around the physical artwork.

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