Architectural Design Made Easy

Transform your interior design journey with ARki: Room Planner. ARki: room planner simplifies the process of creating furniture layouts.
Whether you're settling into a new home, personalising an apartment, or looking to refresh your space, ARki is your go-to solution. Achieve stunning results effortlessly, and in less time. Let ARki be your partner in easily bringing your design vision to life.

With the ARki: Room Planner you can:

* Visualise the home of your dreams and get a realistic understanding of your space.
* Improve your living area by carefully choosing and arranging furniture from over 300 models.
* Customise everything, and choose the best colour scheme that works for you.
* Simple tools that let you easily drag and drop furniture, scale, rotate, lock, and duplicate them in position

How to use:
pinch to select models from full catalogue of furniture
double pinch to open toolbar for each model - toolbar allows users to rotate, duplicate, lock, texture, and delete models.
Scale models to table top / full size using the Scale button on the main window.

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