Arizona Breeze

Looping Spatial or 2D videos

Playable in Shared or Immersive spaces. Presenting an extended playback of looping scenic Spatial videos as standalone videos, or in 3D picture frames, which can be moved around and rotated for precise placement around your space. The app contains a collection of Spatial nature videos we captured of the Arizona Sonoran region, by the Saguaro National Park. See the desert like you've never seen before!
Each video loops forward and backward to present a continuous playback, so that it looks like a real window, allowing you to enjoy them as long as you like. Explore the Shared Space tab to see videos and photos available in the shared space, and the Immersive Space tab shows videos available in the immersive space, each presented in a beautiful picture frame which you can drag around and rotate using gestures. To drag, pinch finger and thumb to select a frame, then pull away. To rotate, use pinched finger and thumb on both hands, moved in a circular motion. You may have to lower the frame to access the top of the frame for easier rotation.

Version 2:
You may now upload your own videos from your Photo Album, and the app will automatically play it in reverse loop mode for seamless transitions, for as long as you like. The looping effect will work on Spatial or plain 2D videos. Enjoy long or short clips played over and over. Try uploading a Spatial video of your pet, and enjoy the feeling of presence and realism in a continuous playback.

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