Arcadia Sports - Retro Games

Arcade 8-bit Classic Games

Arcadia Sports is a collection of arcade games with a sports theme for Apple Vision Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad.

The collection consists of 12 games (with many more to come):

- Beach Ball
Match similar balls to form larger ones. Keep them in the box.

- Formula Race
Compete in the premier racing series and outpace your opponents with skillful overtaking maneuvers.

- Hoop Fever
Dribble, shoot and score. All with just one finger.

- Basket
Getting the ball in the hoop is a given. But what if the hoop had to target the ball instead?

- 8-Ball Pool
Classic 8-Ball in solo mode. Sink balls of one type (solid or striped) first and then the rest, culminating in the 8-ball.

- 9-Ball Pool
Hit the lowest numbered ball first, but numerical order isn't necessary for pocketing.

- Air Hockey
Similar to hockey, minus the ice and Zamboni. First to reach 10 points wins.

- CyberSoccer
Turn-based soccer, a new twist.
Each CyberPlayer manages a zone on the field. If the ball lands there, it's their turn.

- MiniGolf (Course A)
Golf, but downsized with compact courses full of obstacles and challenges.

- MiniGolf (Course B)
Similar to before, but with different courses (and challenges).

- Bowling
A classic! Knock down all the pins, preferably in one roll. Easier said than done, right?

- RainBowling
Bowling meets a rainbow, with explosive pins and obstacles. Not quite the rainbow we remember.

Is this a small offering? Don't worry!
This is just the beginning.
We're already working on new games that will be added to the collection over time.

Additional Features:
- Advanced support for Apple Watch (Series 1 to Series 8 and Ultra)
- 120 fps support on compatible devices
- iCloud support for saving progress
- Game Center support for online leaderboards
- No advertisements
- No tracking

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