Create, access and manage the email from all your accounts in one place. Add images, scan documents, create sketches and attach large attachments using the handy Format Bar. Organize your inbox by setting a reminder for emails you want to get back to, scheduling emails to send at a designated time and receiving follow ups to emails you sent but never received a response for. Catch up on email with more peace of mind with Mail Privacy Protection, which prevents email senders from learning information about your Mail activity.


- Access email from iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo and Outlook as well as many other email providers - all in one place.
- View all of your accounts in a single inbox, choose a specific mailbox or filter to see Unread or Flagged messages.
- Manage your inbox by scheduling emails, receiving follow up reminders for sent emails and setting reminders for emails you want to return to.
- Flag important contacts as VIPs to receive notifications when their emails arrive.
- Triage email messages using swipe gestures that help you quickly archive, delete, flag or mark messages as read or unread.
- Add images, scan documents, create sketches, attach files and access text formatting tools from the handy Format bar.
- Use Mail Drop to send large attachments from any account through iCloud.
- Improved search with intelligent search that corrects typos and uses synonyms to generate results.
- Use Mail Privacy Protection to hide your IP address and prevent senders from seeing your email activity.

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