AppJournal - Indie App Diary

Log Key Milestones & Changes

AppJournal provides indie app developers with a simple utility to record app milestones & changes.

Developed for Apple platform developers, you can use AppJournal to track when your app has been featured, changes youʼve made to metadata, awards won, prices changes and much more. Each entry supports multiple fields for recording multiple data types and the ability to set the date and add notes too.

AppJournal contains these great features:


AppJournal keeps track of your appʼs history by enabling you to create new entries when you make changes or have something to celebrate.


Built-in to AppJournal are multiple entry types which can be complemented with additional metadata, such as which platforms a change was made for, links to an article that the app was featured in and from/to fields so you can see exactly what is different.

The entry types included are:

- Idea Created
- Started Building
- Released App
- Released Update
- Removed from Sale
- Updated App Icon
- Updated App Icon
- Updated Metadata
- Updated Platforms
- Updated Languages
- Updated Regions
- Featured
- Reached Milestone
- Won Award
- Price Change
- In-App Purchase Price Change
- Switched Payment Model


All data is stored securely in iCloud and is available across multiple Apple platforms so you can record & view journal entries from anywhere.


Get this app across multiple Apple platforms with a single purchase.

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